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Optimization of a website

starts with its design and continues throughout the stage of development and maintenance. It is complex, it involves many stages and means to bring about better indexing of search engines and successful presence of your business on the web

What is online marketing and how to be successful?

Online marketing summarizes the various maintenance activities for online store or website to achieve the set goals: targeted hits (traffic), a growing number of sales and / or inquiries, reporting of results.

We know how to make a successful online marketing with our long experience in the development and maintenance of websites and profitable Internet shops and thanks to the constant monitoring of changes in the operating principles of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex and social networks. Successful Internet marketing involves a lot of tests and analyzes priority is the right combination of channels that most effectively meet the goals: maximum CTR and ROI.

Good foundation

Besides development and maintenance of online shops and corporate websites we offer a complete solution for online marketing that includes:

  • research and consulting for online marketing strategies to the sector and competition of the client's business;

  • technical implementation of all functions and scripts in the online store or web site;

  • training of internal staff the customer to take over the daily operation and maintenance of online marketing campaigns;

  • in cases of the client has no resource to be responsible for marketing we offer comprehensive service.

Google Adwords

For giants like Google is important to have many advertisers and constant stream of ads to finance corporation of thousands  programmers. To publish advertising seems easy and can do it anyone with a credit card. But successful advertising need some more as: proper targeting of customers, setting specific sector of business, tracking and bidding CPC, all this is possible thanks to much experience in Google Adwords campaigns and create feeds to Google Shopping and Google Business Data

Online marketing in social networks

Many people develop a very successful business only in social networks without even having an online store or website. There is nothing worse until it appears a competitor who has prepared better. A one who has corporate site, online shop and campaigns on social networks, which creates much better results, building a reputation as a serious business and not least increase sales. Nowadays there are dozens of social networks that can be included in successful online marketing of your business such as: Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr and more. We advise our clients how to run a campaign using selected social networks that can detect its target audience and who have the resources for daily maintenance.


In recent years, the algorithms of search engines change much more frequently, which makes it necessary to change the approach to optimization. We follow the trends and as previously apply one set of rules for structuring the site to appear more in the index and to be at the forefront of it today are different. The use of good SEO Practices by design a site and timely professional support ensure forefront in the index of search engines.


Websites developed by our studio we can build in functionality for marketing campaigns via e-mail. Therefore every site administrator can prepare mail promotional campaign advertisement or announcement and sent it to his clients. As well as notifications to add new products or others. We will be happy to assist you with integration of this marketing modules into your online store or website and to offer you also training to use.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is gaining popularity because of a greater efficiency and advantageous investment. Thanks to it you can advertise products in dozens of other sites as realized at the sale, pay commission after successful delivery of the order. Often affiliate marketing comes far more profitable than advertising on Google, Facebook or YouTube. We naturally can advise and develop appropriate campaign for you.

Google Analytics

We from WebRsolution offer our customers free primary education to work with Google Analytics, which will help them to track  precisely which campaign is a successful campaign that  has major cost and optimize ads to achieve the best results. Using Google Analytics for your website or online store is a must when you want to be successful. Analysis helps not only to track visits, but also to track any behavioral factors of consumers.


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